Tom McDougall describes himself as a social and environmental activist stuck inside an entrepreneur’s body. He established 4P Foods in 2014 to build a new food system that can combat climate change and systemic extraction through regeneration. He is passionate about new forms and structures of business metrics that factor in true cost accounting, including the impact on people and the planet. His work as founder of 4P Foods is focused on continuing the growth of a scalable food supply web that interconnects thousands of regenerative farmers through local and regional infrastructure—hubs and spokes—that can compete with and ultimately replace the industrial food supply chain. To date, Tom and his team have sold more than $25 million of food from over 1,000 farmers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, distributing it to households, restaurants, institutions, grocery stores, food access organizations, and others who all share in the vision for a new food system. The only thing that Tom loves more than a conversation about how regenerative, regional, and equitable food systems are the future is a good dad joke. Follow Tom and his work on LinkedIn.