Food & Society at the Aspen Institute brings together public health leaders, policymakers, researchers, farmers, chefs, food makers, and entrepreneurs to find practical solutions to food system challenges and inequities. The goal is to help people of all income levels eat better and more healthful diets – and identify and nourish the leaders from all realms who will help them do that.

Our Initiatives

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Food Leaders Fellowship

The Food Leaders Fellowship unites the country’s most promising emerging food leaders to ignite personal transformation, promote cross-sector collaboration, and create scalable change to make lasting impact.

Food is Medicine

Food is Medicine brings together key players to share existing knowledge and expertise, identify critical gaps and strategic priorities, and facilitate new collaborations in underrepresented regions and communities.

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Smiling woman serving a variety of sandwiches to a man from a food truck window

Open Access

Open Access lowers barriers to financing and ownership for food entrepreneurs of color. It is the first open-source code portal available at no cost to cities and other organizations to customize with links to financing, education, and support.

Conversations on Food Justice

A live discussion series co-produced with Share Our Strength, each Conversation features diverse voices and explores the consequences of unequal food access and how we can catalyze equity through food.

Our Fellows

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